Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Elder Marquez and I are a great team!!

Elder Reynolds and Elder Marquez

Hello everyone!!!
This week was a very hard week... haha Like every week! But lots of blessings have come from this week. I was sick yet again this week. I don't know what is wrong with me!! ha Last week we studied patience as an attribute we want to develop and man was it a challenge last week with our investigators and with our no success streak... In preach my gospel it talks about patience as not only accepting the will of the Father, but also being happy about it! We have been trying but as you all know how difficult it is to develop patience! lol So this week we studied diligence. Man... maybe we should stop trying to develop Christ-like attributes because it seems the mission keeps getting harder! haha But I got sick this week and I knew Heavenly Father was testing our level of diligence. I can say we conquered it and hopefully Heavenly Father trusts us a little bit more!

This week there was a lot of rain. It reminded me of my days in Quito. (I love how I can finally say I have 2 sectors and can compare the 2!) But each day from Wednesday on there was rain and it wasn't too fun. haha Rain makes me want to stay in and watch a movie. haha But no rest for us! We finally found an investigator who is golden! We have been praying hard for everyone of our investigators but we don't know what we are doing wrong as it seems our investigators aren't progressing. But we found Fabian Saturday afternoon and taught a great lesson about the Restauracion (Restoration). He took it extremely well as he considers himself Catholic but doesn't practice it. He understood everything we taught him and was quite intelligent. He is the same age as us and is studying at an University. But we invited him to church and he accepted! And when we went to get him in the morning before church he was all ready! Man was that what we needed. We have been working hard, but maybe not working with the enthusiasm we should be having. But that really lifted our spirits! We have another lesson with him this week so we are hoping he stays on schedule with his baptism for the 1 of July. Man time seems to be flying by! We are encouraged to invite people to baptism in the first lesson. And to be baptized they at least have to attend church 3 times, and when planning it is so crazy how we are planning for the middle of July for invitations!!

Elder Marquez and I get along great. We are a great team and luckily changes came and we stayed together! I say luckily because this change is going to be 9 weeks instead of the regular 6 weeks. Because this change is when the new mission president comes in! We are sad that President Christensen is leaving, but we are excited for a new greenie to come in haha!

Not much to say... Just working our tails off! We are trying to change our mode of teaching. We are really trying to listen to what the investigator is telling us. And that means not thinking of what to say while the investigator is talking! which is so scary! But we are trying that and we will see how it goes! It is always so nice to hear an investigator say how good they feel when we teach. Not that it was us, but the spirit. I can definitely tell when I get prideful because my Spanish goes down hill and I cant teach for nothing! haha Heavenly Father always has a way to keep us humble. Especially Elder Reynolds.

Thank you all for your prayers! I really appreciate them! Keep on working diligently. I know this is the work of the Lord. May the Lord bless you all. I love you all! till next week..
Elder Reynolds


Something has moved, 4 blocks and is diagonal to the Mormon church!!
I think haha

Missionaries in Ambato, Ecuador

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