Monday, July 24, 2017

Endure to the End, Always Abounding in Good Works!

Hello everyone!!
Wow what a great week this has been! We finally had an investigator attend church!! And she absolutely loved it!!!! It is so awesome to see the light of Christ in her eyes! She used to be a Jehovah's witness.. Not saying anything bad about their religion just that they are usually so knowledgeable and extremely hard to convert. But she is progressing just fine!! I now have a strong testimony of attending church and the importance of it! She is 84 years old, somewhere around there. She has been putting off church ever since the first lesson we had with her which was about a little over a month ago. But finally she attended church and we had a lesson with her right after church and lunch and man.... she was totally open to everything we would say to her!! The spirit was so strong in the lesson and she was literally feasting on the words of Christ. We would teach one principle and go on asking questions about how she can apply it in her life.. It was like she was watching a movie because she was sitting on the edge of her seat!! Ahhhh she has a baptismal date for the 5th of August! We are hoping all goes well with that! She is such a special person. 

One thing I did learn from her is what she said about her friend.. She is a reference from one of the members of the church. And by the way.... references are the best!!! Help the missionaries out and give them references!! haha But the member is a little menos activo (less active) and she didn't attend church. The whole time in church she was asking where her friend was and all we could explain to her is that she has her own agency and has the right to use it in whatever way she pleases. It was so sad because Aida is the investigators name, was so stressed about that as to why she wouldn't attend church. It just made me think... About one of the things my teacher in the MTC said.... after the mission is not the end of it all. We all have to endure to the end and live up to the things you have been teaching for 2 years. Think of how your investigator would feel if he or she saw you on Facebook doing things you are not supposed to... Doing the exact thing you told them not to do!!! The very person that taught them all that they know about the gospel is now lost.. How sad is that?? It just strengthened my testimony that people are watching us. As members, we have a name written in our hearts that we have to live up to so the world can see. I love you all! I hope we have that change of heart in our lives and are always abounding in good works! It's not easy, but it is expected and hoped of us. With the help of the Atonement, everything is possible. I love you all! Keep striving and enduring! 
Elder Reynolds

Elder Reynolds learning how to make Empanadas!

 Making pancakes for them!

 Bishop's family

 He is always making people smile....Miss that smile!!!!!

My little puppy I am going to bring home!

Scorps Rock!
Un bar en donde se vive la musica (A bar where the music lives) hahaha

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