Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Nourish Your Testimony Daily!

Hello everyone!!
What a great week this was. Another week in the mission...another week of blessings. Our investigator Aida still has a baptismal date for the 5th of August and we are so stoked!!! It is so awesome to see the change in her. We had a lesson about the word of wisdom this week and she has a problem with drinking coffee. She would give up her whole house before she gives up her coffee!! haha But we had such a powerful lesson and she truly is the epitome of Mosiah 3 verse 19. We told her this commandment was revealed through a prophet of God. And then we asked her to define for herself what a commandment is. Simply she said something for us to obey for the love we have for our God. How simple and powerful that is!! When she said that it was like a lightbulb illuminated her mind and she accepted it from that time forward. Even though she still jokes about drinking coffee, I love her response as to why she gave it up. She said, at least now I can sleep calmly at night knowing that I am doing what God has commanded me to do. Man she is an inspiration to me. I know she will give up whatever is asked of her if she knows it is from God. She would be a great missionary! haha We had a service project for her house this week and it was awesome to see the ward pull together. Even though we are few in numbers, we got the job done!!! It was simply amazing. Because we literally planned the service project the day of. We were with our Mission Leader, he called the
Bishop and the Bishop called the Relief Society president and the Elders Quorum president and then they called their peeps and we had a great turn out! More than anything, Aida loves the order that we have in the church. 

So a funny story again from the food portion of the mission... We ate fish again and the fish here is really good! We have one family in our ward that is pretty wealthy. So we eat like Kings haha no but we eat in a very proper manner. thing that I have never known that is the hardest thing in life to do....Eat fish with a fork and a knife!!!! haha Man is that a hard task to do!! I am pretty sure I have just a bit more bones in my body because I got impatient with trying to use these utensils to eat a fish  lol But all is good. It is always funny the way the people look at you when you eat. They think that I am so weird because of the way I eat hahaha 

One thing I learned this week is how fragile a testimony is. We taught a menos active (less active) and he is a return missionary and loves talking about his mission. It was a little hard not to say then why aren't you living up to the things you taught!! But then I realized how fragile a testimony is. That it needs to be nourished daily by scripture study and prayer. And every week going to church. It isn't a mission and boom you have a testimony, it is a constant battle or choice. So read your scriptures and say your prayers!! Follow the example of the primary answers! They will save your soul. I love you all! Until next week...
Elder Reynolds

Service Project at Aida's

The ward comes together and provides service for Aida!

Ambato, Ecuador

 Elder Reynolds and Aida

 Elder Wilson and Elder Reynolds
Elder Wilson gets his first bad haircut and Kyle couldn't help but laugh!

This little boy reminds Elder Reynolds of his younger brother, Caiden!!!

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