Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Baptism this Weekend!!!

 Elder Reynolds and his ward family! ~Ambato Ecuador
They gather together as a ward to do Family Home Evening.
The missionaries sometimes teach the lessons and plan the activity. They are a competitive bunch!!

Hello everyone!! 
This week was a great week to be a missionary.... Aida is going to be baptized this weekend!!!!!!!!!! What a miracle!! In consejo de barrio (ward council) we were talking about all the details and the Bishop stopped and said this is a miracle. Remember when we first were introduced to Aida and she was a little hesitant but let us in and really all she wanted to do was talk and contend.... Now look at her. Giving up coffee, giving up anything the Lord asks to be baptized. This just shows that the gospel knows no age. It can change anyone. That really hit me because I was just thinking of how she is so ready to be baptized and I didn't really even think of how far she has come! It is true, the power of the Spirit changes lives. No matter how old or how long the traditions of your parents. We are so excited! We were actually really nervous because Friday the day before her interview we had a rough lesson where she didn't want to be baptized because of health issues. We had a long discussion of how faith is going to play a big role in this next week and how Satan is going to try everything to stop her from making this great covenant. By the end of the lesson we didn't know whether to call off the baptism or let it be. We said a prayer with her and after we felt we should let it be.. The next day we came to her house and she was so excited!! For some reason, as she said, "for some reason I am so excited for today! I feel so much better!" Wow the power of prayer is real. When we are willing to show our faith first, the miracles will come.
Not only Aida but we have lots other investigators that are progressing! We had a conference a while back with President Christensen...yes may he rest in peace.. haha No he's not dead its just a saying we have in the mission when someone goes home lol But he said something really interesting, that the reason people don't keep commandments is because they really don't understand them. We have lots of investigators not keeping commitments and commandments.....because they don't understand them!!! Although its our fault, we are having to retrace our steps and basically go over all the lessons again so that they understand the "why" of everything. I love that in the Book of Mormon the difference we see in Laman and Lemuel and then Nephi. Basically the only difference is Nephi had a desire to know the" why"! It wasn't that he was any better than Laman or Lemuel... It was just he asked! He was the one acting not the one being acted upon. Just like in football, you hit or you get hit! haha man I miss it.
We watched "Meet the Mormons" with an investigator to show that Mormons are normal! ha There is a part in there where it shows a football coach... man can you spell TRUNKY... haha my comp leaned over to me and was like "are you trunky??" I want to tell everyone that yes football is my passion. My love for the game is unreal. Do I regret the decision of coming on a mission? Not one bit. This work is so much more important There is not possibly one thing I could be doing that would please our Heavenly Father more than serving him in Ambato Ecuador. I testify this is the work of the Almighty God. He needs every single one of us with everything we got to give. Once we are in, NEVER LOOK BACK. I love you all!! Blessings to everyone!!
Elder Reynolds

One of his mom's birthdays!! Happy Birthday :)
Thanks for taking care of Elder Reynolds!!!

Elder Reynolds loves the people in Ecuador!

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