Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Baptism of Aida!!!

 Elder Reynolds and Aida
Saturday, August 12, 2017 in Ambato Ecuador
Hello everyone!!
This week was an AMAZING week!!!! We had the baptism of Aida and man was it such a blessing to see her enter to the waters of baptism!! And of course...there is always a crazy story that comes with my baptisms!! haha So really the only worry Aida had of getting baptized was that the water would be cold. We kept assuring her throughout the weeks that she need not worry because the water would be nice and warm.... Yeah we already know where this is going! We go to the font to start filling it up and realize there is another baptism going from another ward! So we asked how the water is doing.... There was no gas to warm up the water so it is luke warm they said. We went and felt the water and it truly wasn't that cold but it wasn't hot either. We didn't think too much of it. So we arrive after they do their baptism and we start the ceremony and then its time for the baptism! I enter into the water first and.....holy cow it was freezing!!! It felt like the other ward put ice in the water! But obviously I couldn't make any gesture that it was cold because Aida was already a little worried ha She put her toe in and she DID NOT want to get baptized hahaha She was totally against it. But we had to encourage her and encourage her each step into the water. I felt so bad and guilty for her because if I was freezing......she must be miserable! ha We finally got down into the font and she was shivering like crazy. After the beautiful prayer I dipped her into the water and she resisted and so I had to do a little lovely push into the water and her feet slipped from under her and when she came back up she was bewildered!! haha But her countenance totally changed in that moment. I can't describe it but when she came up she was smiling and laughing and man she was just so beautiful in there. What an experience that was! She got confirmed the next day and you could just see the Light of Christ she had and man.... I can't testify of the power of the spirit. In her testimony, she said the reason she loves this church is because of the unity. She felt so lonely and prayed to God that somehow she could find somewhere where she felt loved. That's when we were introduced to her and ever since she has been so grateful!! I have always prayed to be an answer to a prayer and here it was!! 

The rest of the week doesn't seem to compare to the baptism we had haha. But we worked hard this week and have another investigator on baptism. He has had a rough past and wants to move on but doesn't know how... And that's when we came in again! The thing I love about the gospel is it can be applied to every situation in every life here on earth. I love one of the quotes from "Life is a football game" that we don't have to bribe people to come to the church! We don't have to lie or anything, it is all for our benefit. Everything God does is for our benefit. The trials, the deaths in the family, the heartaches...everything is a blessing to make us stronger. 

The mission is going absolutely great. We had another zone conference with President and it was so amazing. The spirit was so strong. We talked a lot about our purpose as missionaries and really as members of the church to invite people to Christ. When we stand before Him at judgement day, He isn't going to ask us how many baptisms we had or how many contacts or references... He is going to want to know how much we love Him... how much we INVITED others to come to Christ. How we fed His sheep. That brought so much comfort.
So this is the last week with Elder Marquez! Well maybe.... but changes are this Monday so we will see what happens! I love you all! Keep helping the missionaries find people! 
Elder Reynolds
We truly felt that Elder Reynolds was called to Ecuador to find and teach Aida :)

Miracles happen!!

~Ministering to Families one day at a time~

 Armor of God!

Missionaries in Ambato Ecuador

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